The Freshwater and OCeanic science Unit of reSearch (FOCUS) integrates multidisciplinary high level scientific expertise dealing with the understanding, characterization, monitoring, prediction and management of aquatic systems.

The research topics include the quantification of biogeochemical flows within and at the interface of the river-ocean continuum (including sea ice), numerical modelling, operational and satellite oceanography, the development of indicators for tracking food chain interactions and pollution, investigation of the behavioral ecology, morphology, evolution of aquatic living organisms.

FOCUS offers a holistic and multi-scale approach combining laboratory experiments, field sampling, numerical modelling, innovative and creative research methods for fisheries and aquaculture, (big) data analysis including Earth Observations.  FOCUS provides robust scientific knowledge and data's as well as added-value products to a wide community of users, for climate application and to support the decision making process for the  conservation and management of aquatic environment.



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