• BRAIN: Functional biodiversity in a Changing sedimentary Environment: Implications for biogeochemistry and food webs in a managerial setting .(FaCE-iT, 2015-2020) (MAST group partner)
  • RECTO: Refugia and ecosystem tolerance in the Southern Ocean (2016-2021) (Fonctionnal and Evolutionary Morphology - Biological Oceanology) (Main Promotor: Prof. Isa Schön, IRSNB)
  • vERSO: Ecosystem Responses to global change: a multiscale approach in the Southern Ocean (2014-2018) (Main Promotor Prof B. Danis, ULB)
  • OCeANIC (nitrous Oxide and nitrogen Cycling in ANtarctic sea Ice Covered zone) is a Research action funded by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (2016-2020). (Chemical Oceanography Unit)
  • HIPE (Human impacts on ecosystem health and resources of Lake Edward) is Belgian Federal Science Policy Office funded project under BRAIN-Be (2015-2020). (Chemical Oceanography Unit)

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