Master in Oceanography, Marine Environment and Resources (MER, Erasmus Mundus)

This Joint European MSc Programme is aimed at forming such multidisciplinary graduates of transverse research profile, by attracting highly qualified and motivated students from around the world into a fully integrated world-class EU MSc programme. The original programme was conceived by SOTON, UPV/EHU, UB1 and ULg, utilising the extensive marine science expertise and experience of the (4) institutions. As a part of the construction of the European Higher Education Area, a pivotal goal of the MER MSc Programme is to promote international and European cultural exchange and interactions between students. Student mobility is designed with this objective.

The MER MSc programme runs full-time over 24 months (120 ECTS) and consists of advanced courses (90 ECTS) and a Master Thesis, with a dissertation (30 ECTS). 

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